Agua Fria


Spotlight Place!

Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon

47801 N Black Canyon Hwy - New River, AZ 85087 - (623) 465-9903

Roaddrunner Restaurant & Saloon is really one of the best places to eat and drink when you're coming through Agua Fria with Party Bus Phoenix. This is not only one of the more affordable places in the area but it's also got this really cool casual and divey type of ambiance, not to mention the fact that their breakfasts and lunches are just fantastic! We really love the fact that they're open until 2:00 AM every single night and the fact that there's always a full bar at your command! There's even outdoor seating here and televisions to watch your big sporting events. What more could you want?

Chileen's on 17

33150 S Coldwater Rd
Black Canyon City, AZ 85324
(623) 374-5552

Chileen's on 17 is a reliable place to visit when you are in the Agua Fria area with Party Bus Phoenix! This is an American barbecue type of restaurant and bar where you can really chill out and know that you'll receive excellent service. Lunch and dinner are the best nights to come in and enjoy yourself, especially thanks to their full bar, their free Wi-Fi, and their incredible outdoor seating. They've got televisions so that you won't have to miss the game while you're there and we think you'll really enjoy the reasonable prices too. Fire water punch is the best! Very highly recommended by Party Bus Phoenix!

Rock Springs Cafe & General Store

35769 S Old Black Canyon Hwy
Black Canyon City, AZ 85324
(623) 374-5794

Rock Springs Cafe & General Store is a really popular spot for Party Bus Phoenix travelers coming through the Agua Fria area whether on weekdays or weekends. If you're there to dine, you'll enjoy lunch and dessert the most, and you'll also enjoy their full bar in the evenings! There's outdoor seating for your enjoyment but no TVs so don't expect to watch any sports while you're there! This is laid back city. The Jack Daniels pecan pie is one of our favorite things to eat here and we're also in love with their mixed berry crumble. For an entree, the chicken fried steak will absolutely drive your tastebuds wild!

Wild Vines

41111 N Daisy Mountain Dr
Anthem, AZ 85086
(623) 465-0010

Wild Vines combines two of Party Bus Phoenix's favorite worlds, that of tapas restaurants and wine bars! Now that's just got to be what you had in mind for your evening on the town with us in Agua Fria! The prices are surprisingly affordable here and we love the classy style that the establishment exudes. The best nights to come in and enjoy the company of your friends while sipping wine and noshing on small plates would be Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, or any day of the week at happy hour! You'll enjoy sitting in the outdoor seating area and you'll also enjoy their free Wi-Fi. Nice!

Cindy's Crown King Cafe

3 Main St
Crown King, AZ 86343
(928) 632-0012

Cindy's Crown King Cafe is another super cheap place to eat and drink when in Agua Fria with Party Bus Phoenix! The fact that there's a full bar for you to make use of is a huge perk, and so is the prime outdoor seating and the televisions for the sports lovers! So much to enjoy here. It's casual with plenty of room for groups and it's even quite family friendly, should you happen to be traveling with an all-ages group. We recommend lunch as the prime time to stop in to this one and we think that you might even enjoy their take out when you want to create a little mini-buffet on the party bus!