Spotlight Place!

Tonopah Joe's & Alice's Truck Stop

Tonopah, AZ 85354 - (623) 386-3895

Oh, how we love Tonopah Joe's & Alice's Truck Stop! They might just have to change the name of this truck stop and call it a party bus stop, that's how often Party Bus Phoenix takes our customers there! The super cheap prices probably have something to do with it, and the full bar might be the other piece of that puzzle! They've got some really delicious food here, including hamburgers and salads that we really love, and after that you'll certainly want to have a beer and maybe a couple of shots. There's always a great time to be had here and really excellent service too. One of the very best!

Pizza Hut

1217 E US Highway 85
Buckeye, AZ 85326
(623) 386-9644

There's not a whole lot that we can tell you about Pizza Hut that you don't probably already know, but the Party Bus Phoenix crew are all big fans of this particular location because they've always treated our customers to such a great time when they're there. This is a prime location for our travelers who are coming through the Arlington area, and we just know that you will love it there too. The salad bar is a nice choice for those who need to be a little healthier, and the pizzas and other goodies will have everybody else covered! The video games are fun and it hasn't changed much here over the years. Cool!

Filberto's Sports Grill

4370 S Miller Rd
Buckeye, AZ 85326

Filberto's Sports Grill is a great sports bar that offers some yummy bar fare and even Mexican food for you to sink your teeth into, and none of us at Party Bus Phoenix can argue with that! Our Arlington customers love coming through here to sample all the yummy food, including sizzling chicken that will really please even the pickiest tastebuds, and an angus mushroom burger that we can never get enough of! The french fries are absolutely delectable here, so don't even think for one moment that you can just eat one or two. You'll have the whole plate scarfed down in just a a few seconds! Too good!

Tin Top Bar & Grill

37900 W Salome Hwy
Tonopah, AZ 85354
(623) 386-1501

Tin Top Bar & Grill is a Party Bus Phoenix favorite, especially on karaoke night, and our Arlington customers clearly agree based on how often they request it solely for the karaoke! How cool is that? If you want to bust out those vocal chops and really show 'em how it's done, this is a great place to do so. The chicken fried steak sandwiches are one of our favorite things here and we really love the french fries that come along with it. The ice cold beer is great and the dive bar atmosphere can't be beat. What more can we say about this beloved Arlingotn and Tonopah hangout? It's a Party Bus Phoenix winner!

La Placita Cafe

424 E Monroe Ave
Buckeye, AZ 85326
(623) 386-4632

La Placita Cafe is a must visit if you're into shredded beef tacos with beans and rice! We could not be more addicted to those than we are! The amazing hot sauce is something that you'll just have to try for yourself, and when you do, you'll want it all over everything that you order, not just on your chips! It's true that it's a bit Americanized here rather than being authentic Mexican fare, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's really, really, REALLY good! The full bar is another perk and we think you'll appreciate the spaciousness and the fact that there are TVs for sports! A party bus fave!