Spotlight Place!

The Groves Bar & Grill

323 S Gilbert Rd - Gilbert, AZ 85296 - (480) 307-8477

The Groves Bar & Grill is another wise choice for our Party Bus Phoenix partiers in the Gilbert area of AZ. Again, you're getting an affordable place where the prices aren't so low that you have to give up any quality or flavor. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are positively superb here and the happy hour time is a really wise time to come in, any day of the week. You'll love the casual atmosphere and the fun vibe on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The live music is absolutely wonderful. We'd highly recommend the sandwiches on chewy pretzel buns and we also love the prime rib, whether in sandwich form or just on its own! So good!

Postino East

302 N Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 632-6363

Postino East is an Italian restaurant, wine bar, and breakfast and brunch stop in the Gilbert area of AZ, and our Party Bus Phoenix customers simply adore it. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are the best nights to come in and soak up some of that trendy yet casual atmosphere, and you will especially love it for your Party Bus Phoenix groups because there's so much space for you. The outdoor seating is very accommodating too! The roasted peppers with goat cheese will absolutely blow your mind, and we'd highly recommend the bruschetta and nebbiolo! We could just go on and on about the quality here. Very highly recommended.

Blue 32 Sports Grill

1524 E Williams Field Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85295
(480) 963-0032

For our partygoing Party Bus Phoenix travelers in the Gilbert area, Blue 32 Sports Grill is definitely one of the greatest choices that they could ever make. This is an affordable place to dine and drink, yet not so cheap that you sacrifice flavor or quality. They've got great background music here that's always well-chosen, and there are even happy hour prices that will keep a smile on that face of yours all night long! Lunch and dinner are the best times to come in and the best nights are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Even the outdoor seating is just wonderful here. The beer selection is very impressive and we love the buffalo chicken and the tacos al carbon!

La Ristra

638 E Warner Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 545-2880

La Ristra is a great Mexican restaurant that is very conveniently located for our travelers in the Gilbert area, and time after time, those who call on Party Bus Phoenix in this area do in fact choose this place. The prices are in the moderate range and the quality is just off the charts. The adovada pork stuffed sopapilla is absolutely irresistible and we're huge fans of the blue corn enchiladas. We love to order everything Christmas style here for a little extra flavor and excitement! Every single dish on the menu is something unique and different, and we think that you'll be very satisfied no matter what you order. What a pleasant atmosphere to dine in as well!

Kona Grill

2224 E Williams Field Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85295
(480) 289-4500

For the sushi lovers who travel with Party Bus Phoenix in the Gilbert area of AZ, Kona Grill is a must-visit, no questions asked! They have some of the most delicious food that you will ever lay eyes on here, including tempura chicken that just melts in your mouth, incredible steaks that are just packed with flavor, and huge trays of delicious sushi rolls that will please every single person in your group. Even the simple staples are really perfect here, like the green tea, the miso soup, and the ginger salad. The macadamia nut chicken is a nice surprise too! It's very trendy, even with a full bar, and they offer outdoor seating as well. A clear winner!