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Our Buses


Take a look at some of our vehicle pictures below. We have many different types of vehicles along with different sizes so that we can accommodate everyone. When you are ready, just give us a call and we will help you with choosing which vehicle would be best for you. Just give us the number of passengers you plan on having and we can give you a list of what would be perfect. We will set you up with the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Some of our bus features includes wall mounted big screen LED HDTV's, Blu-Ray/DVD players, loud sound system, Aux input for your smartphones or iPods allowing you to play music directly from your phone as well as our stereo system with CD/FM/AM, built-in beverage stations to mix drinks and keep everything cold for your trip, LED & fiber optic disco lighting, custom plush handmade leather wraparound seats, ceilings with a high gloss mirror finish, plasma dance poles, custom hardwood flooring, integrated cup holders and even slot machines!

When you are ready to book one of our vehicles, just give us a quick and easy phone call, our booking specialists will be more than happy to walk you through the booking process, they will ask you a few questions to make sure you are getting just what you need. And if you aren't quite ready to commit they will gladly give you a free quote that will allow you to call back and pick up from where you left off. Just remember a free quote does not hold a vehicle for you, we can only reserve your spot when you commit to booking.