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ELC Limos Designs presents to you our premium 2013 Glaval Ford F-550 Party Bus For Sale! This beautiful party bus will comfortably accommodate up to 26 passengers with luggage, if needed. You'll find that these buses are the highest quality custom built party (limo) bus on the market today. Inside and out, you'll see a tastefully designed and comfortably apportioned party bus that is the perfect choice for any occasion or event that you can think of!

Benefits of buying an ELC Limos Designs Party Bus
  • We offer custom built Party and Limo Buses
  • Color matched vinyl seating surfaces throughout
  • Classy designs
  • Complete controls in the driver cockpit with a convenient custom built switch panel
Customized acrylic and LED mood lighting throughout
  • Custom designed ceilings
  • Classy bar areas for your clients drinks
  • Accent lighting on the floors
  • Accent lighting for the walls
  • Laser light show

However, before you make the plunge into buying a party or limo bus, you're going to want to consider some aspects of purchasing new over used, and vice versa, which might sway your decision one way or the other. Once you've either decided to go into this business, or perhaps you're already up and running (in which case you'll likely know already what we're going to say here), either way there are inherent risks and caveats over buying a new bus or a used bus:

Things to consider when buying used:
White Party Bus Exterior

Buying a used bus can save you a good amount of money up front. But, if you're not careful, it can cost you much more in the long run with intangible aspects that you might not have considered. Here's why: Whenever you buy a used vehicle, there's a big chance you're taking in "buying someone else's problem". Or, if the vehicle is too old, it can be prone to breakdowns and excessive repairs just because of the age and wear on the bus itself. If you are a smaller company, with a limited amount of vehicles at your disposal, this can cause big problems! Imagine a breakdown on the way to a wedding with no vehicle to back it up. The hit to your reputation because of defective vehicles could be devastating to a company on the rise. Granted, newer vehicles can have problems too, but the likelihood of something like this happening is far far less. So, not only are you losing out on runs due to paying clients back because of poor service, you could be losing out on future business because of a sub-par product. To top it off, you're putting money into a bus that just might break down right again once the current problem is solved. Older vehicles sometimes have the "when it rains it pours" aspect to them, with a cascading list of repairs that just pile up and cause you wondering where your initial savings went. While buying a used bus may save you money in the short term, it can save you money in the long term providing you've done your homework and thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and have a bit of good luck!

Things to consider when buying new:
White Party Bus Exterior Side View

Buying a new party or limo bus can be an intimidating prospect to the new luxury transportation business. However, once you've considered the caveats to buying a used party bus, the large entry fee might not be such as big of a factor as you'd think. Especially if your business is one you'd like to build on a strong reputation of having reliable service and top-notch vehicles. Of course, if you buy a new one you'll either be paying a lot up front... or, if you don't have the cash on hand, you'll be paying monthly for it as well as having more pricey insurance to contend with. The prospects of getting in an accident will show that a newer vehicle will likely cost more to repair. Insurance is expensive enough, so if at all possible, you're not going to want to send any claims through your agency. It's not quite like personal vehicles, as the insurance company can choose that you're not worth the liability risk much quicker than on a personal level. This can leave you proverbially "hanging out to dry" without insurance and no means to run your company. So, accident damage costs are a factor to be considered.

However the benefits of buying new can easily outweigh the cons. Consider this: You're going to attract more clientele when you have a newer party bus. The vehicles are more attractive and this is a boon in attracting customers as well as repeat business and referrals.

Price: $129,900.00

Call ELC Limos Designs for more info: 773-877-3060